Train Crisis, classic train strategy game on Steam

For fans of trains and puzzle strategy games, critically acclaimed indie studio U-Play Online has released their classic hit Train Crisis on Steam (PC and Mac).

Train Crisis is a demanding puzzle strategy game in which you have to guide trains with a different color each towards their corresponding destination. The game is set in 4 distinct historical contexts such as the Industrial Revolution, the Far West, the Modern Era and the Future. It contains 168 levels and it brights with stylized 3D visuals. The direction of the trains can be modified by changing junctions, timing traffic lights, avoiding traps in tunnels, and blowing up barriers.

The original version of Train Crisis was first released on Android, iOS and Windows Mobile, reaching 4M downloads on mobile platforms in a very short period of time. Compared to the original, the latest version contains enhanced stylized visuals and a very intuitive control adapted to both the keyboard and the command controller.

●   168 levels containing challenging puzles.
●   Go over the history of trains in 4 different eras: Industrial Revolution, Far West, Modernism and Future.
●   Stylized 3D environments.
●   Interact with the stages: change junctions, time traffic lights, avoid traps in tunnels, collect money from banks; blow up barriers… and much more!