Trion Worlds Launches Competitive PC Team Tactics Game Atlas Reactor (Video)

Atlas Reactor, Trion Worlds’ simultaneous turn-based battle arena game, is now available direct from Trion and on Steam and Amazon for £22.99. Players looking to try Atlas Reactor’s unique fast-paced turn-based mechanic for free can jump into the game’s Free Mode now, giving them access to all the edge-of-your-seat competition with a weekly rotation of specific Freelancers. Atlas Reactor is a new kind of PvP battle arena that fuses simultaneous turns with tactical team combat. Quick, timed turns challenge players to rapidly assess a constantly changing battlefield, master and customise their Freelancers of choice, and coordinate with teammates to take down enemies.

“Atlas Reactor is the culmination of ideas coming from a passionate group of gamers who wanted to create a smart, new kind of competitive game that we ourselves wanted to play,” said Peter Ju, Executive Producer of Atlas Reactor. “We hope players around the world will find that the game combines some of the best elements of high-stakes gaming into a fast-paced, frenetic yet strategic competitive experience. I couldn’t be more proud of our team!”

At launch, Atlas Reactor will introduce the new dual-gun wielding Freelancer, Juno, and a brand new map, where players will battle around the Omni trust’s parasitic reactor core, in addition to the 20 Freelancers and 3 maps already available in-game.

Trion Worlds also announced today that Atlas Reactor will be the first ever game to feature fully integrated Discord voice chat. For the first time, players will be able to fully control their Discord client in-game for instant chat and communications among teammates in Atlas Reactor. “We’re excited that Trion chose to work with Discord for Atlas Reactor’s in game voice and hub for its player community,” said Stanislav Vishnevskiy, Chief Technology Officer at Discord. “It’s an amazing, competitive game and adding quality voice will make it even better.”
Atlas Reactor will be available in fully localized English, French and German languages at launch, with additional language support added soon.

Described by Polygon as “Dota meets XCOM,” Atlas Reactor reinvents tactical team combat, combining competitive, fast-paced turn-based action with simultaneous turns in high-risk battles. Players must outsmart and outgun their fellow Freelancers with mere seconds to survey the field, coordinate with their team and lock in their moves, then see the action play out all at the same time. By working together as a team and predicting your opponents’ decisions, players must devise the best strategy to put themselves one step ahead of the opposition and achieve victory.