OtherSide Entertainment™ is proud to announce today’s release of Underworld Overlord™, an innovative action/strategy hybrid, made exclusively for Daydream, Google’s high quality, mobile VR platform.
“Be the bad guy” as a newly-undead evil wizard and protect your Virtual Reality (VR) dungeon realm against an onslaught of brazen adventurers. Place deadly traps, cast powerful spells, and command horrible monsters to thwart these so-called “heroes” and preserve your subterranean rule.
“We’ve been thrilled to work closely with Google to create Underworld Overlord as a ground-up, original game for the Daydream,” says OtherSide Entertainment CEO and Creative Director, Paul Neurath.

“We designed it for maximum mobile-VR comfort and accessibility, without compromising a deep gameplay experience,” says Neurath. “The motion controller acts as your wizard’s hand and feels really intuitive. Underworld Overlord is made for and enhanced by VR, a mix of tower defense and ‘god game’.”
In addition to Neurath (co-creator of Ultima Underworld and System Shock), Underworld Overlord was built by a AAA team that includes the talents of Art Director Nate Wells (The Last of Us), Narrative Director Joe Fielder (BioShock Infinite), Senior Level Designer and Artist Steve Allen (World of Warcraft), Lead Character Artist Jed Wahl (The Beatles: Rock Band), Executive Producer Brandon Laurino (EVE), and voice performers Courtenay Taylor (Mass Effect 2), Liam O’Brien (Uncharted 3), and Neil Kaplan (Final Fantasy XV).