Ankama and gumi Inc. are proud to announce that their collaborative mobile game project WAKFU Raiders is now available on the App Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android devices. This mobile RPG is developed and distributed by gumi Inc. using the rich WAKFU universe created by Ankama.

In WAKFU Raiders, players gather powerful warriors and creatures to fight opposing forces using a unique combo battle system utilizing real-time combat strategies. As emissaries of the master Yakusha, players are tasked to investigate anomalies appearing all over the fantastical and colorful world of Twelve.
Features of the game include: •Unique Fast-Paced Real-Time Combat System: Players can strategically combo their attacks for maximum damage and trigger Ultimate Skills to unleash awesome cool moves!
•Epic Characters & Adorable Monsters: Collect and evolve 30 unique characters from the colorful WAKFU universe. Do battle with epic bosses, each with their own custom abilities.
•High Quality Audio & Visual: Experience immersive battle animations & effects, as well as trademark WAKFU visuals and sound bites.
•Competitive Tournaments & PVP Arena: Create the best party possible and outshine the competition.
•So Much To Do, So Little Time: Create new weapons of war with the Crafting System, participate in Daily Events for exclusive loot, and stay ahead online with the VIP System. More features to come post-launch.

For more information on WAKFU Raiders, visit http://wakfuraiders.gumi.sg/.

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