War of the Human Tanks – Limited Operations Now in Action! (Video)

The thrilling conclusion to the trilogy is coming! Fruitbat Factory is proud to announce the third part of Yakiniku Banzai!’s critically acclaimed War of the Human Tanks trilogy, War of the Human Tanks – Limited Operations is now available on Steam.

In ‘Japon’, a country bearing a close resemblance to modern-day Japan, ‘Human Tanks’ have been fighting a sequence of wars against each other. Due to the reduction of ‘radiotoxic particles’, their fuel, their era is considered to be about to end. While their end comes to one tank after another, the very final War of the Human Tanks is on the verge of beginning.

Key features:
•Over 50 missions with strategic, semi real-time battles

•Challenging “Limits” to clear on all missions

•Countless cute Human Tanks to battle with and against

•Replay missions at any time to improve your rank

•English localisation features hand-drawn battle backgrounds and an improved user interface
“War of the Human Tanks was the first game our company localized, and the series has a special place in our hearts. I’m happy we’ve been able to bring the entire series to players all over the world. The final part, Limited Operations, is designed so that new players can jump right in, but experienced commanders will find the hardest challenge yet in clearing the limits and score ranks of the missions.” says Jakke Elonen, Project Lead.

War of the Human Tanks – Limited Operations comes priced at $9.99. The game includes Steam Trading Cards, Achievements, Cloud support and other Steam features. The game’s opening and screenshots can be viewed on the Steam page.

In addition, War of the Human Tanks – Limited Operations: Unlimited Edition has been made available for $12.99. The Unlimited Edition includes the game’s soundtrack, Sound of the Human Tanks – LO.

War of the Human Tanks – Complete Collection Steam Bundle includes all three games and two soundtracks, adding an additional 10% discount for those who purchase the entire set.