Wrecking Squad, Mobile Demolition Game on iOS and Android

Big Blue Bubble has released its award-winning mobile arcade game, Wrecking Squad, worldwide on the App Store and Google Play. The company’s latest original title gives players control of the Wrecking Squad, a lovable cast of characters, each with their own unique special ability. Their goal? Demolish abandoned buildings in their home city of Toppelopolis to make way for exciting new developments, and evict the evil Robo-Jerks.

With over 300 challenging levels and various obstacles standing in the way of progress, Wrecking Squad has endless hours of satisfying destruction. Using their eye for demolition, players fling their Squad into 3D buildings and watch as they crumble, collapse, and explode on a scale that is rarely seen on a mobile device.

Wrecking Squad is a free-to-play game offering in-game purchases and is available for download worldwide on the App Store and Google Play.