CAVE’s Robotic Doll Bullet-Hell Shoot-’em-up, DoDonPachi Resurrection (Video)

After much anticipation, DoDonPachi: Resurrection will be released in a few short hours at 6 PM PST. Fans of the series are also in for a treat. In celebration of the release, fans who purchase the game will also receive the official soundtrack (OST) for free – as well as a 15% launch discount. Check out the official Steam Page.

The DoDonPachi series dates back to 1995, and has since become synonymous with the bullet-hell genre.  DoDonPachi: Resurrection combines the 1.5 and Black label Xbox 360 releases to create one jam-packed bullet-hell extravaganza.
DoDonPachi: Resurrection is fully loaded for players with an itchy trigger finger.

Features include:

8 Different Game Modes:
○ Normal 1.5:​ The original, refined game.
○ Normal 1.51:​ A different scoring system and controls in this Cave Matsuri special version.
○ Arrange A (ver L):​ A newly arranged mode with mechanics and a ship borrowed rom DDP Blissful Death.
○ Arrange B (ver B):​ Play single stages in this highly customisable mode.
○ Novice:​ A crash course in bullet hell for newcomers!
○ Black Label:​ A new method of attack and a new final boss await!
○ Black Label Arrange:​ Control the Tigerschwert from KETSUI in the first official international release for this mode!
○ Black Label Novice:​ Experience Black Label without the difficulty!
·         Choose between three ships and three styles in the standard modes.
·         Cancel bullets and increase your score with the Hyper Counter system. 
·         Turn the tides and clash lasers with the Counter Laser system.
·          Master numerous different intricate scoring systems for which CAVE has become famous.
·         Bring in devastating backup with two-player local cooperative play.
·         100 achievements, Steam Trading Cards, Cloud Saves, and Leaderboard support

DoDonPachi: Resurrection has taken aim at Steam and is available today starting at 6 PM PST for $29.99 with a 15% discount and includes the original soundtrack for free during the first week.