Cloudborn, a VR exploration game, on the HTC VIVE and the Oculus Rift

Stockholm based VR gaming studio Logtown Studios announced the Early Access-release of Cloudborn, a VR exploration game where the player is challenged to uncover the fate of a lost civilization, by traversing a world shrouded in clouds.

“-So happy and proud of the Logtown Studios-team, taking our first step out onto the market. It has been an awesome trip so far and we are looking forward to continuing it together with our players.” – Per Wahlfridsson, CEO

Cloudborn is designed to be a visually stylized experience, a unique and melancholic journey of discovery and serenity.

Cloudborn features a unique momentum-based movement system allowing players to freely move, climb and even throw themselves through the world. This is balanced by a strong focus on reducing motion sickness. Cloudborn is currently available for the HTC VIVE and the Oculus Rift (PSVR TBA).

“-I’m really excited to release Cloudborn and get feedback from the players. We’re doing early access to reach the level of comfort, fun and accessibility that we aim for. With the amount of movement we have in our game, it’s critical that players are able to have comfortable experience no matter their physical makeup or level of VR experience.” – Alberto Amigo, Lead Designer

Cloudborn is a VR exploration/adventure and climbing-focused game for the HTC VIVE and the Oculus Rift. Waking up alone in a ruined world, the player must explore the remnants of a lost civilization and uncover the truth of its fate.

Main Features

  • A serene, bright yet mysterious setting.
  • Climbing with momentum:
    Scale buildings, cliffs and vegetation to find your way through the remains of a broken world. Unique momentum-system allows skilled players to throw themselves between handholds to climb faster.
  • Non-violent gameplay:
    Cloudborn is not a violent game, instead focusing on exploration and the challenge of traversing the world and finding a way to “cleanse” it.
  • Colorful aesthetics:
    Cloudborn has a bright, colorful art-style inspired by Miyazaki movies and watercolors.