Defend the Core! – My Tower, My Home (Video)

Shoor Games announces action-packed title ‘My Tower, My Home’, the perfect blend between a tower defense game and a 2D shooter-platformer that’s hitting Steam on March 16th

Fight tooth and nail to defend the tower core –your home! In ‘My Tower, My Home’ (MTMH) players put themselves in the shoes of an unnamed hero to resist hordes of brutal mechanic enemies that will do the impossible to destroy your home. Kill enemies, gain gold and experience, buy upgrades, buy tower defenses, and build a strategy to counterattack.

MTMH features a cooperative mode for two players in which our hero fights alongside Sommybot, a support droid character equipped with the most sophisticated technology. The style of play of the coop mode is designed to require a great synergy between players’ abilities. United, you will never be defeated!

Characters are highly customizable in abilities and skills and both the hero and the droid have their own perk tree. This system gives the game a more RPG-like feeling and multiplies the possible strategies for the game in a great way.

Main Features:
1-2 players mode
3 Difficult levels
7 Enemy types (with variations)
5 Hero upgrades
5 Hero weapons
7 Turrets
8 Tower upgrades
49 passive perks
Infinite strategies
Infinite fun (just kidding, you’ll get bored after some hundreds of hours)