Dimension Cross on the Google Play Store

KEMCO announced the release of Dimension Cross on the Google Play Store™.

The new type spaceship ‘Zero’ has set out on a journey to further expand the sphere of humankind. During the test, the spaceship arrives at a certain planet. Kyle and the other crew members witness facilities that shouldn’t be possible given the level of civilization on the planet. But the original inhabitants of the planet have been captured. And a man who was supposed to be an ally has been up to something in secret. Just what is going on in these lands?

  • Use the Robo-Extend System for massive status-ups!
  • Boost your statuses greatly by equipping robots with special equipment!
  • Aim for body parts to destroy enemies!
  • Use powerful Break Skills to destroy enemies. By aiming to destroy body parts of strong enemies, you can inflict huge damage!
  • Roam freely through 3D dungeons!

Jump to move around and search every part of the 3D dungeons in the game. Collect the coins scattered around, and you might gain something good! There are many other elements to enjoy too! Strengthen your weapons, or plant seeds to obtain items!