EXAVA, the action battle game (Video)

Asobimo Inc. (Tokyo Toshima, president: (Tokyo Toshima, president: Katsunori Kondo) started the α test on Android and iOS for its new action battle game [EXAVA]. The application is available on GooglePlay and the App Store.

EXAVA is a PVP version of the 3DMMORPG title AVABEL ONLINE. Battles last 3 minutes using characters with unique skills. Your allies’ characters can be controlled by the AI for more intense battles. Use your characters wisely to win your battles. Your characters will come stronger and you’ll encounter more characters by playing the game.

21 characters are available during the α test. Unlock them as you go along. EXAVA can be played in portrait or landscape mode for your comfort.

■ Build a team with 5 characters and join the battle!
There are plenty of unique characters in EXAVA. Select 5 characters and build a team. 1 character is controlled by yourself, 2 by the AI and 2 characters are backups. You can switch your characters during the battle.

The aim is to kill the most during the allocated time. The skills should be used to be victorious.

By using a [Magic card] which is available once a day, you can add a buff to your character. 3 of them can be set at a time when forming a team.

■ Win the battles and get rewards !
You can get treasure boxes when by winning battle. They contain characters or magic cards.
 Opening those needs some time according to their rank. The time is displayed on the home screen. Up to 4 treasure boxes can be stocked.

■ Collect rewards and reinforce your characters
Characters and magic cards can be reinforced under certain conditions. Winning battles and getting rewards is the key to make your characters stronger.