Face Word, A Face Controlled Game

Welcome (back) to face control! From the (mostly sane) authors of the (not particularly sane) Face Candy comes Face Word!

Face Word uses the unique Face Mapping feature of ARKit to let you control the game with your face!

Hook the letter candies with your nose and stick your tongue out to slurp them in!

Spell out words to gain points and more time.

Play three different game modes, Normal (spell the random words that appear on your face as quickly as you can, with the game speeding up as you play), Relaxed (spell the random words, but the game doesn’t speed up so it’s not quite so frantic) and Freestyle, where you pick up the letters to create any word in the game’s dictionary with more points for longer words.

Collect points to unlock new face features and customize your look and unlock a bonus game mode!
In another first for Strange Flavor, Face Word can be controlled completely with your face, right from launching the app. Meaning it can be played entirely hands free.

Face Word is the latest game by Strange Flavor, the award winning developers of Flick Fishing, AiRburst and Face Candy.

Face Word will be available for Free (Ad supported, with IAP option to remove ads) on the App Store.