Kickstarter For Rocky Horror Show: Touch Me!

Independent game studio, Rocket Lolly Games LTD, today announce the opening of the Kickstarter for its upcoming free-to-play rhythm action game The Rocky Horror Show: Touch Me. The highly-anticipated game, based on the hugely popular musical stage show, is slated for release on touch screen mobile devices in 2017.

While core development is underway, Rocket Lolly Games is seeking to raise additional funds in order to enhance the game with additional characters, outfits, stage settings and songs in order to truly recreate the unique experience of being a part of the participatory show’s audience.

As fans of the show themselves, the team feels a responsibility to and wants to enlist the help of both game and Rocky Horror fans to guide the development of their tantalizing touch-based twist on a rhythm action dancing game.

“We think it’s essential for a license as loved as The Rocky Horror Show to have as much input as possible from the community – both games players who love mobile and dance games, as well as fans of the original theatre show,” said Ella Romanos, co-director of Rocket Lolly Games. “We need the community’s help and support to make sure we make the best possible game.”

Working with Andy Leighton, the original music and games publisher on The Rocky Horror Show, Rocket Lolly Games have collected an incredible range of collectable merchandise from both the game itself and the original theatre show including t-shirts, posters, a digital ‘making-of’ booklet, mugs, tea-towels, and a limited edition vinyl recording of Richard O’Brien’s original demo-tape used to pitch the show back in 1973.

Rocket Lolly Games are looking to raise a minimum of $35,000 on Kickstarter in order to include community feedback into the final design. More importantly, the team has a series of incredible stretch goals which would make the game even more exciting that can only be unlocked if the community support is there to justify it.

“It’s been an incredible privilege to work on this project so far. We’ve had an amazing reaction from other game developers and players and, of course, fantastic people like David and Stephanie Freeman of Timewarp UK – the official UK Rocky Horror fan club, and noted Rocky Horror historian Larry Viezel,” said Oscar Clark, Rocket Lolly Games co-director. “The encouragement has been almost overwhelming; a real merging of gamers and Rocky fans. We hope to tap into the millions of Rocky fans worldwide, as well as dance and mobile game players in order to really make this Kickstarter and the final game a success.”

The Rocky Horror Show: Touch Me has been designed as a free-to-play game because the team felt it was important the game to be accessible as possible, and they wish to able to constantly release new content and features. Players will be charged for premium outfits and to unlock their favorite characters early.

As for Kickstarter, the team believes it essential to give their backers incredible value for taking part and helping them reach their vision. So, at just the $15 funding level, Beta Testers will get to be part of ‘the laboratory’, granting them advance access to all of the launch content before anyone else, which they get to keep it without extra cost.