Laser Kitty Pow Pow out on Android

Global mobile game publisher ZPLAY announced that Laser Kitty Pow Pow – a game that challenges the definition of ARCADE ACTION on the GooglePlay – is out on Android all over the world.

Laser Kitty Pow Pow is fast paced, arcade-like, laser infused, crystal boosted, ninja EXPLODING and KITTY FLYING upcoming mobile game currently in development process.

It can become mindlessly repetitive all too quickly, and it doesn’t bring enough fresh ideas to the table to be much more than a slight distraction for a few minutes at a time, but in short bursts it is actually pretty fun.

The objective in Laser Kitty Pow Pow is to shoot bad guys with your eye lasers as they run at you from either side of the screen, before they can get close enough to take a swing at you.

Tapping one side of the screen will shoot at the closest target on the corresponding side, but also physically pushes your giant cat head to the other side of the screen and straight into harm’s way.

Game Features :

  • Face more enemies than the highest number you know.
  • Enjoy fast, easy to jump in and crazy satisfying action.
  • Unlock, use and upgrade special Cat-laser powers.
  • Meet Tim the Tailor and craft super cute and powerful Cats.
  • Play adaptive challenge system and face new enemies at your own pace.
  • Lose yourself in sensory-overloading retro visual style.