Max and the Secret Formula: Mobile Remake of The Classic Kids PC Game Now Available on iOS and Android

In celebration of their 20th company anniversary, Tivola bring their first PC game to mobile devices // Beautiful graphics and intuitive gameplay // Long lasting fun for kids, parents and grandparents

In 1995, shortly after the company was founded, game publisher Tivola made their debut with the first ever German PC game specifically developed for kids, Max and the Secret Formula. 20 years later, Tivola releases a mobile remake of the classic for iOS and Android devices. Max and the Secret Formula is now available for €/$ 2.99 and can be downloaded on the App Store, Google Play and the Amazon App Shop.

The Story of the Game

The little dog Max from the small village Rightaroundthecorner leads a nice, normal life. One day, however, the post man arrives in the village and delivers a letter from Uncle Pong, who lives in another village called Veryfaraway. Uncle Pong informs Max that Aunt Lisa’s leaning tower is in immediate danger to fall over. The only thing to prevent that from happening is Pong’s special secret formula. Unfortunately, he has hidden the necessary numbers all over his house and now he can’t find them! It’s up to Max to solve the task and save Lisa’s tower. On their quest to find the formula, kids learn about numbers in a playful way. No reading skills are needed, as the story is told by great voice actors.

•A renewed classic, optimized and expanded for smartphones and tablets
•Beautiful graphics and animations
•No reading skills necessary
•Kids learn numbers in a playful way
•Funny and intuitive gameplay even for young adventurers!