Mighty Party: Heroes Clash on Android

Panoramik Inc launched its mobile strategy game Mighty Party: Heroes Clash in the Google Play store for smartphones and tablets running Android version 4.0 and above.

Players gather mighty heroes, build a powerful army, train troops, wage war against bosses, rival players alike and their guilds, and complete missions using a tile-based and fast-paced battle system. Each fight can reveal all your tactical skills – define opponent’s weaknesses and play warriors who can absolutely change the situation on the battlefield and bring the player to top places in rankings!

The Android version even includes all of the latest Valentine-themed content. Of course, you’ll find the usual free-to-play trappings here, such as lengthy timers for completing tasks and premium currency to skip those waits.

In addition to performing standard tasks there are different game modes:

  • Standard PvP fights where a player fights with earlier collected armies against other players, rising up the rating table;
  • Big events with impressive fights where players can get rare epic awards;
  • Divine Arena where players get random high-level cards. In this mode players hone different tactics before collecting particular cards and evolve them;
  • Survival where a player is fighting against others until two fails. The Reward in this mode is rare currency which will give you a possibility to receive special items;
  • Journey – PvE mode that puts players to learn the history of the Pangea’s World and open new opportunities for their deck.
  • Guilds – GvG mode where players choose their path joining guilds, form an alliance with other guilds to Guild Wars in the future. Prepare for glory!

Mighty Party: Heroes Clash is now localized in English, Russian, Spanish, Italian, German and French. More languages support will be available with the next updates.