Here Be Monsters Launches on iPad

Here Be Monsters, the massive adventure game from Gamesys, launches today for iPad. A game for lovers of Animal Crossing, Pokémon and Farmville, Here Be Monsters is a gloriously detailed game with 1,000s of hand drawn assets and the whole world as the setting for your adventure.

Here Be Monsters imagines a world where the countless mysterious creatures that inhabit the myths and legends of different cultures aren’t so mythical after all. Players join the Ministry of Monsters as new recruits and build ingenious traps and craft irresistible baits to capture over 100 monsters from around the world – from the Loch Ness monster of Scotland to the Dropbears of Australia.

Players will join a huge cast of quirky characters with a uniquely British sense of humour. From mysterious Mystics at Stonehenge, to a temperamental Master Chef in London, Gnomish engineers, Mermaid Princesses and a Yeti with a thing for teddy bears.

Along the way they’ll discover hundreds of exotic species of fruits, flowers, butterflies and fish, all found in their real world locations. Intrepid explorers will make creative use of these resources back on their Homestead which serves as their base of operations, and a place to show off souvenirs from their travels.

Also available online, Here Be Monsters is entirely cross platform with iPad players joining hundreds of thousands of existing players from around the world. With 600 quests already live and new episodes released every two weeks, the adventure just keeps growing.

‘We’re really excited to launch Here Be Monsters on iPad,’ said Noel Hayden, Founder of Gamesys ‘and are looking forward to seeing what audiences around the world think of the game.’

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