New Sweet Cookie Pop, match-3, mobile puzzle game on Google Play

ENPV1 has announced the global launch of the match-3, mobile puzzle game ‘New Sweet Cookie Pop’ on Google Play.

‘New Sweet Cookie Pop’ is a match-3, mobile puzzle game consisting of colorful cookies and charismatic characters. Users can find colorful cookies varying in shapes and sizes. As a match-3 game, it can be easily played by anyone and everyone. Users will also find tons of vivid boosters and different special effects.

Additionally, a character that solves the puzzles appear. Users can match the cookies they want, clear various missions and stages as a cute character. Also, one of the key characteristics of ‘New Sweet Cookie Pop’ is that it can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere due to its simple controls.

‘New Sweet Cookie Pop’ was launched in 144 countries, receiving great ratings from users for showing off colorful cookies, charismatic characters, various missions, and stages, with the new infinite mode where different modes of puzzles can be found.

According to the team leader of the casual games division of ENPV1, Kim kyoung Mok, “The sweet, match-3, mobile puzzle game, ‘New Sweet Cookie Pop’ has been launched globally.” and he continued, “I hope you enjoy the match-3 puzzle game, ‘New Sweet Cookie Pop’ where you can really feel the vivid colors. We will try our best to make it a game that will be loved for a long time.” he said.