Play Santa And Blow Up Pirates On Your PC This Christmas

Arrrr you ready to have some fun this Holiday season? Well, video game designer Roosevelt S Dumornay has what you’ve been looking for… a hilarious PC game that you can use to deal with all of the boring family gatherings and office parties you will have to endure this Christmas season. This game is just the ticket to cure your boredom and fill your downtime with laughter and entertainment.
Santa saves the day from some crazy space pirates in this fun and addicting Amazon game from video game designer Roosevelt S Dumornay. Christmas is coming, and the world is in danger from galactic scalawags that are descending on the Earth. In Earth’s darkest hour, a hero flies through the night to our rescue… a hero in a red suit with black boots in a badass sleigh that is armed to the teeth and ready to rumble!
Here comes Santa Claus right down Santa Claus lane dropping bombs and saving the Earth from certain doom! Well, that is if you win. If you lose, then we all die. No pressure, right? It’s a silly and fun Holiday game you can entertain your family with, play it with your friends or just by yourself.
Here’s just some of what PC gamers are saying about Santa Vs The Pirates in reviews on Amazon:
“I cannot stop playing this. It is so insanely and hilariously addictive. Everything from the sounds to the art work are immensely enjoyable.” – Madeline N.
“This game is awesome. It’s very enjoyable and great for a time pass. The content is very humorous and kept me laughing the whole time playing.” – Raymon M.
Had to entertain my two nephews overnight and knew the best way to keep them occupied was with a game. Really pleased to have found this. They spent the whole night laughing and fighting for a turn. Then I spent this morning trying to beat their levels. Man, this day flew by. Would definitely recommend to anyone wanted to pass the time quickly. – Michael X.
Santa Vs. The Pirates is available right now to download in the Amazon Marketplace for only $1.99.