Four Realms Full Release! (Video)

Hugebot!’s new game, Four Realms, is exiting Early Access is and is now available in it’s full form.

Four Realms provides a highly customizable experience. You have 80 spells to choose from, your approach to the game is uniquely yours. And with randomised missions and levels the game is never the same twice.

Four Realms is available on Steam and the Humble Store with a launch discount of 17%.

About Four Realms
Join the menagerie in Four Realms, an action-strategy RPG in an animal filled fantasy world. Customize your Spell Book, then construct contraptions, transform targets, sling spells, and summon creatures on a quest of grand adventure.

“For being Hugebot!’s first game I must admit that he blew it out of the water.”
-Kayla, EloTalk – 8.9

“What originally looked like a typical side-scroller eventually turned into something far more unique.”  
-Billy D, One Angry Gamer