Sonny, turn-based strategy RPG, on Android Devices

Armor Games Studios has released turn-based strategy RPG Sonny for Android as a free app. The game features no timers or in-app purchases, and minimal ads.

Originally released for iOS and PC/Mac earlier this year, Sonny is a challenging, apocalyptic-themed game where players control the titular protagonist after he rises for the dead without a memory. Joined by an unlikely band of heroes, Sonny will search a ruined and dangerous world for the truth, facing off against mutated beasts, insane zealots, a shady paramilitary group, and more. Sonny features stunning, graphic-novel style art and cutscenes by Jet Kimchrea, and an original soundtrack by composer David Orr.

Sonny is designed as a tactical RPG where players will need to think in order to overcome increasingly overwhelming odds. Sonny and his party all feature unique skills with status effects that can be devastating in the right combination. After a certain point, players can also unlock elemental strains for Sonny to give him access to new ability trees, and the ability to temporarily evolve skills during battle for extra damage or other bonuses.