Stonies – The Rocky Path to Civilization (Video)

Renowned apps and browser game publisher upjers is sending its mobile players into a prehistoric fight for survival. Stonies is a brand-new gaming app for iOS and Android.

In Stonies, upjers takes pity on helpless cavemen. Under the player’s care and guidance, the Stonies learn how to gather food and collect materials for grass huts and other structures. But it’s not all gathering: hunting, fishing, agriculture and animal husbandry are all skills that the Stonies will learn from the player over time.

Become a Stonies God

To the Stonies, every player is a god. After all, the player helps them invent tools and many other useful things. Of course, the Stonies will show their appreciation for their wise and benevolent god!

No Heart of Stone

Cupid’s job also falls to the player. A player can choose to have two Stonies fall in love and start a family. As the tribe grows, it can start to explore new territories.

Stone Age fans are just one download away from their very own Stonies tribe! Rewrite evolutionary history with the new gaming app Stonies!