Super Fancy Pants Adventure is available on Steam

Kongregate, a leading publisher of mobile, PC, console, and web games, announced Super Fancy Pants Adventure, the definitive title in the Fancy Pants saga, is now available on Steam. The modern reboot of the series brings the popular parkour-inspired, side-scrolling platformer to Steam for the first time, letting players run and jump through a hand-drawn, re-mastered world.

Super Fancy Pants Adventure explores the full story of spiky-haired Fancy Pants Man in his trademark, triangular-shaped pants as he runs, swims, jumps, hacks, and slashes his way to gather squiggles, acquire upgrades, and traverse the corners of seven different worlds. Original Fancy Pants creator Brad Borne has returned to draw, animate, and program Super Fancy Pants Adventure all on his own, as he did with previous titles in the series. This is the fourth entry in the Fancy Pants game series, which has been played more than 100 million times on mobile and at, but now gets the full adventure game treatment for Steam.

Super Fancy Pants Adventure is now available for PC and Mac on Steam