TORIKO launches on App Store & Google Play (Video)

Happy Labs is proud to present TORIKO, now available for free in App Store and Google Play! TORIKO is a unique Puzzle PVP game where two players versus each other in real time. To win, players either make their opponent overflow or clear birds quickly.

TORIKO is a fun and exciting gaming experience never before seen on mobile platforms! Its’ puzzle gameplay draws inspiration from Magical Drop, a popular arcade game from the 90s.

During gameplay, players simply swipe down to collect birds of the same color, and swipe up to place them on the board and match them! Clearing birds in quick succession will trigger combos, which will generate waves of attack patterns to your opponent. To win, players must make their opponent overflow or quickly clear their own bird quota to zero.

Players can also equip Items and Skills to aid in battle. If used correctly, Items can save them from the brink of death, and Skills will cause the opponent to lose. For example, Wild Lightning (Item) clears the last 2 rows on the player’s own board, while Pinwheel (Skill) turns all opponent blocks transparent. With this, the opponent will not be able to match any colors for a short period of time and they will have to fight back by triggering more attacks to try to win the race!

There are 3 game modes to choose from. In PVP mode, players can choose to play with anyone from all over the world. They can also create a private room to play with friends. Lastly, the cautious player can also practice with the computer in Training mode before entering PVP. If a player wins all their opponents in succession during PVP, they will rank on the leaderboard with their consecutive win count.

Don’t miss out this chance to play the world’s first real-time competitive puzzle PVP game!