Warlock’s Tower brings the elegant design & look of the Game Boy era (Video)

Warlock’s Tower brings the elegant design and look of the Game Boy era to Steam, Twitch, & mobile. Spurred by a love for games of the era, at no point in its development did Warlock’s Tower ever veer far from its 1980s Nintendo mobile inspiration. Now after nearly two years in the making, Brazilian independent studio Midipixel is stoked to make you feel the 80s again with the January 31st release of Warlock’s Tower on Steam, the App Store, and Google Play.
Warlock’s Tower is a punishing puzzler in a Game Boy aesthetic with elegantly designed levels around one brutal rule – one move equals one life lost. You play as Tim, a cracker-barrel Mailman aiming to reach the pinnacle of the postal ranks by delivering a letter to the elusive Warlock. In order to make that delivery, players will be delightfully tested with over one hundred diabolically complex rooms and will need to outwit voracious enemies like zombies, flying eyes, and slimes. Players will also have the option to roll solo or tackle tricky tag team stages with a buddy. Best yet, there is a version built specifically to play with friends on Twitch!

The Warlock’s Tower Twitch integration allows broadcasters of any size to fire up the game on stream and begin playing with subs, followers, or general viewers. It works by allowing the audience to use Twitch Chat to submit solutions to puzzles. Every single puzzle in Warlock’s Tower is in play and can be solved via Twitch Chat. Once audience submissions come through, the broadcaster has flexibility in how he/she picks the audience member whose solution will be played.
All Random. Of all solutions, one will be chosen by a weighted system where a sub has the greatest likelihood of getting picked, followed by a follower, followed by a viewer.
Category Random. The broadcaster can choose from the sub, follower, or viewer pool to pick a random user from their respective pool
Specific User. The broadcaster can pick a specific user

Once an audience member is chosen, their name is shown on stream and their move is played out for the stream to see. Successes and failures are both dramatic and a lot of fun to watch!