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Battle Team, Mobile turn-based strategy RPG

‘Battle Team’ is a turn-based game that adds the advantages of SRPG and tactics. It allows you to enjoy deep scenarios in the background of the universe and increase your immersion with strategic play using combinations and arrangements of more than 300 hero characters.

You can gather your team and start to go through battles along the universe. You will start to get characters of different skills from all over the galaxy and start to protect it from evil, and as you play the game you will be able to participate with your novas through the space war and start to collect items and upgrade them to get unique novas with you and be the most powerful.

Outstanding Graphics.

You will start to enjoy playing the game through very greet motions and graphics, you will start to enjoy the motion of the characters and as you play the game you will be able to collect novas like classic console games.

Many Modes

You will be able to get more fun through playing the game through playing all the modes of the game, and as you play the game you will start with the campaign where through it you will start to play the great story of the game through different battles. There is the operation support where through it you will be able to support different Novas through the planet and get loots with them and you will be able to play PVP games against real players from all over the world and show them your power and test your skills against them.

Unlimited strategy 

Even the heroes of the same combination have a strategy that brings completely different results depending on the placement of the user. This allows users to enjoy more fun and tense play.

“We are able to play lightly without extra charge, but as we play, we try to make the game more enjoyable for the user through deep strategic elements,” said a Visual Cube official. “All of my team wanted to create a collection RPG that I wanted to do. I also wanted to approach global users with a unique world and arts that is unfolding in space rather than medieval fantasy world view. “

The Android version can be downloaded via the Google Play Store.

The iPhone and iPad version can be downloaded via the Apple App Store.