Becoku a mobile puzzler for the time-challenged player

Becoku game is a new application dedicated to all those players who have few time available and for who like puzzles and the challenge games . Becoku is a very light application , fast and simple , suited to each device and to use at any time.

Key features
The perfect puzzle game, simple, fast, for your free time. Click on the box and fill the grid with all numbers being careful not to get stuck. You can move diagonally or horizontally and vertically by 2 or 3 boxes at a time, be sure for good planning your moves.
• You can set the grid for different levels of difficulty
• Limited Number of moves
• Small size of the application for operation on any iOS and Android device
• clean graphics, simple and immediate
• The perfect game for your free time and challenges with friends
• Share your results on Facebook and challenge your friends
• Help in the app to find the best solution for who are beginners