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In development: PYROMANIACS Aimed at Tweens, STEM Educational Interest (Video)

Pyromaniacs is an engaging new entertaining and educational chemistry learning game being developed by Sea Monster for the Tweens market. The game rewards scientific experimentation, disrupts conventional teaching methods, and keeps girls interested in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects.

Zuri is the niece of a famous female scientist. Her aunt has to leave suddenly to assist with a colleague’s cold fusion reactor, but she entrusts our heroine with her wondrous fireworks laboratory.

Here our player is assisted by the Pyromaniacs, cute creatures who love all things to do with chemistry and the potential for pretty pyrotechnic effects. They get to experiment with adding different fantastical elements together to discover the right combination needed to create new types of fireworks.

Inspired by classic puzzle games such as Mastermind, this game is brought closer to the work of real-life scientists as we designed the experimentation and discovery mechanic to take players through the scientific process.

From a first guess at a combination, to conducting experiments, to analysing that data to deduce what the correct combination is and making a discovery… This process is embedded in a puzzle game that doesn’t make it explicitly educational, but teaches deduction and scientific thinking.

Pyromaniacs is a game designed for the mobile platform.
Release date: Not set
Current status: In development