Pocket Wars: Protect or Destroy, a board game-style strategy title for iOS and Android

Downsideup Games, Inc. announced the release of Pocket Wars:Protect or Destroy, a new board game-style strategy series of games for Apple iOS and Google Android based devices.

Be a protector and help those in need, or become a Destroyer and wreak mayhem and havoc upon your enemies. In Pocket Wars: Protect or Destroy, you choose whether to Protect or Destroy.

Using board-game mechanics blended with high-resolution 3D animated art, Pocket Wars brings traditional battle games to life with dozens of unique game pieces, special attacks and movement. Aid Castle Dinas Bran in Snowdonia by delivering supplies and reinforcements, or help LunarCol employees escape the demons of Io. Past, present and future all come together in Pocket Wars.

Pocket Wars: Protect or Destroy is available as a Premium offering, and Pocket Wars: Snowdonia – the first scenario in the game – is available as a free download.