A Quiver of Crows – Development Progress Update #27 (Video)

A Quiver of Crows – Development Progress Update #27

Progress update for upcoming twin-stick shoot’em up A Quiver of Crows, by Sheado.net: Momocon 2016, new trailer, new enemies, new weapons, new sunset tropical stage, and new developer vlog.

New gameplay trailer:

Developer vlog
The team’s sixth development vlog summarizes all of the latest changes in a brief video:

As the game’s release date approaches, the team has been focused on adding the remaining content into the game.
The latest enemies added are the:
•Toucan – This enemy can become ghostly from time to time during which it doesn’t take any damage. Pro tip: if you use the laser beam, you can hit this enemy when it’s in a ghostly state.
•Beetle – Don’t be fooled by this thing’s sluggishness. Let it get close enough and it will dart at you, horns first!
New upgrades have been completed as well:
•Weapon Level 3 – With this upgrade, each of the weapons gains an additional spread or feature. For example, the plasma weapon now shoots 3 simultaneous plasma bullets.
•Shield – This pick up protects the crow by up to three enemy attacks.
The devs also recently finished designing and building the sunset level for the game and received increased interest and positive feedback due to the pink tropical theme.

About A Quiver of Crows
A twin-stick shmup set in a grim world cursed by demons and ghouls.
Frantic Battles in a Grim World
◾ Unlike most shmups, this world is made up of flesh, bones, and dirt instead of the common rigid objects such as ships set in space.

◾ Each enemy type has a unique set of behaviors.

◾ Most foes do not follow preset patterns. Instead, they try to hunt you down.

◾ Some enemies fly in close for melee combat. Others will shoot from a far away range.

Co-op Twin-Stick Action
◾ The game blends the insanity of shmups with the free range of motion of twin-stick shooters.

◾ Find a friend. Find a couch. Have tons of fun with the optional single-screen couch co-op!

Upgradeable Weapons, Bombs, and Shields
◾ Collect and enhance a variety of weapons. Influenced by traditional shmups, watch as your weapons’ firing trajectory and pattern change with each upgrade.

◾ From heat seeking quills to things that go BOOM, collect them all and use them to crush your foes!

◾ Upgrade your shields to withstand relentless attacks.

Coming to Windows, Mac, Linux
◾ Best played with a twin-stick controller. Steer with the left stick, aim with the right.

◾ Never fear! You can also use your keyboard and mouse.

MomoCon 2016 Indie Award Showcase Finalist
“Looks lovely” – Destructoid.
“As much an art piece as it is a game.” – Indie Game Magazine