Thrusty Ball, A simple but challenging one-button platformer (Video)

New indie studio Iron Dingeses bursts onto the scene with its first title, “Thrusty Ball”, available now on Android and WebGL.

In Thrusty Ball, you play as a ball with a single ability: to thrust forward. “Forward”, of course, being relative to the angle you happen to be facing after rolling around and colliding with the environment. This means that with one button you do everything: jump, dodge, accelerate, fly, or simply roll forward. You are limited only by your fuel, of which you have 3 charges that rapidly regenerate.

The game is packed with 40 unique levels, each of which is completed by reaching the exit sign behind a gauntlet of hazardous obstacles.

Timing is everything not just for precise movement but also your pride, as what separates you from your friends could be entire minutes or scant fractions of a second. Those that manage to finish the game can use the built-in speedrun mode to gain even greater bragging rights, or continue to improve their times for each level on global leaderboards.

Thrusty Ball is available now on Android through the Play Store and WebGL on iPhone users will have to wait a little bit longer for the iOS version which is currently in the works.