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V1.02 Update For Alekhine’s Gun (PC) Available Now! (Video)

Alekhine’s Gun, the spiritual successor to ‘Death to Spies’, has received more polish and love with the release of the v1.02 update.

The v1.02 update delivers a whole series of gameplay enhancements and bug fixes, including:

New features:
•Full Game level statistics showing level rating & other info
•Quick saves
•Controller Y-axis inverting option
•Autosaves on objective completion
•New remote distracting device (Decoy)
•Player backlighting switch option
•Map zoom saving

•All Levels balanced for Extreme difficulty (to get Ghost Rating).
•Phantom Achievement not called in some situations
•Chameleon Achievement not called because of missing disguise
•Steam Achievements not always synchronized when playing offline
•Machine gun flying when cook pouring drink in “Dogs of War” level
•Russian localization errors
•Stuck during exit from one of the ships in “Points on the Radar” level
•French localization errors
•Some crashes and other small errors
For more information about the v1.02 update and Alekhine’s Gun (PC) in general, please visit the official blog.

Please note:
Unfortunately, because new features have been added to the settings menu, save files will no longer be compatible. Players will still be able to level select between unlocked levels as well as maintain your unlocked weapons, upgrades and RP points. The only thing affected are mid-mission save points.

Originally having launched on 11 March 2016, Alekhine’s Gun (PC) puts players in the shoes of WWII ex-KGB assassin, Agent Alekhine, who is tasked with eliminating conspirators during the 1960s Cold War era. Teamed up with the CIA, players will traverse eleven open levels set in both military and civilian locations in the U.S., Europe, and Cuba. With a range of weapons and disguises, non-linear levels and multiple routes to success, Alekhine’s Gun gives players the freedom to explore and optimise their strategy within an intriguing historical context.