Xnooker, Marble-shooting puzzler (Video)

SoulGame Ltd. releases another innovative mobile game to the global mobile app market.
Xnooker introduces mobile gamers to a new style of gameplay. The game combines elements of marbles with the ability to eliminate obstacles. Sticky walls, moving partitions, currents, and more await players in this addictive game. When publicly tested on TapTap, a popular game distribution platform in China, Xnooker received rave reviews and a high score of 9.7/10.

About Xnooker
Xnooker is a casual marble-style puzzle game that allows players to aim, shoot, and eliminate targets. Finding the right trajectory and adjusting the ball’s power will only work for a while as players must avoid deceptively clever obstacles and adjust their strategy for an ever-changing field. Perfecting one’s timing becomes crucial as Xnooker become increasingly harder through hundreds of challenging levels and an endless mode.