AxE: Alliance vs. Empire, overhaul of in-game systems

The epic war for control of the universe rages on in the latest massive content update for AxE: ALLIANCE VS EMPIRE (AxE), the fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) from NEXON Corporation.  Players are invited to plunge into AxE’s gritty universe to experience an overhaul of new in-game systems.

Since its launching earlier this year, AxE has set a new standard for mobile games with innovative MMORPG gameplay and console-inspired graphics. Set in an enchanted yet treacherous world, AxE combines single-player, tactical faction combat with large-scale competitive modes.

AxE’s spellbound warfare intensifies with an overhaul of new features, including:

  • Awakening System – In this unprecedented new character development system, players can acquire new skills along three stages for every playable character. Upon Awakening, characters will earn new attack motions, skill and even appearances
  • Peaceful Village – The new neutral village Sky City Esonia is now available for players who complete Main Quest 1-2. The Village offers buffs and other bonuses for visiting players, along with new merchants and blacksmiths for strengthening gear
  • Fresh Accessories – Four new sets of Earrings, Bracelets, Brooches and Belts are available after each Awakening and can be upgraded to Mythic grade using Accessory Upgrade Stones
  • Dimensional Tear – In this new top-tier Raid of four to eight participants, players are challenged to complete four increasingly-difficult stages in exchange for Awakened Gear, Augmenter Development Materials, Gold and more
  • Character Level Expansion – The maximum character level has been increased to Level 150, along with new Gems, Artifacts and Skill Points. The Eternal Sanctum has also been expanded to 100 Floors to challenge daring players
  • Gorgeous Wings – The fabulous new Justice Wings equipped with powerful skills and stats are now available.

AxE: ALLIANCE VS EMPIRE is available for iOS and Android users worldwide.