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A Quiver of Crows – Development Progress Update #28 (Video)

A Quiver of Crows gameplay trailer:

Developer vlog
The team’s seventh development vlog summarizes some of the latest changes in a brief video covering the latest menu system changes and localization. The devs also try their luck at speedrunning a stage:

New Enemies and Stages
The final enemies and stages are now complete as the team winds down development on the game. The latest additions include:
•New Winged Evil Eye Enemies – There are currently three variations of this monster type in the game. Their inclusion gives the game a very old-school shmup-y feel of bullet hell dodging.
•Chained Monsters – Like vicious chained guard dogs, but with a much creepier vibe.
•Night-time and catacombs areas are complete, bringing the total number of stages to 26.

Menus and Systems
“It’s not the most exciting stuff, but menus and localization are necessary and they take time to develop!” explained Chad Ata, lead developer. The latest menu features added include:
•Full screen option.
•Window resize option.
•Keyboard and controller button mapping.
•Steam achievements and leaderboards.
•Localization into Korean, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, and French.

About A Quiver of Crows

A Twin-stick Shooter Set in a Grim World Cursed by Demons and Ghouls

“This Sheado.net twin-stick shooter blends beautiful art, dark atmosphere, a great score, and extremely challenging gameplay.” – Game Skinny
MomoCon 2016 Indie Award Showcase Finalist
“Looks lovely” – Destructoid.
“As much an art piece as it is a game.” – Indie Game Magazine

Available: Fall 2016